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An Acquisition Frenzy in Apparel If you've been on either end of a takeover situation owning the shares of either the buyer or the seller the market dynamics should be familiar enough. The acquirer's shares usually trade down immediately following the announcement, while shares of the acquiree trade higher. In the market's judgment, which I wouldn't fault in this case, acquirers typically overpay, so the standard share price reaction is pretty reasonable.

When the shares of the acquirer rise following a takeover announcement, that's an unusual circumstance worth investigating. This is exactly the situation in the apparel space, with multiple instances over the past month or so.

In December, Oxford Industries (NYSE:OXM) snapped up Lilly Pulitzer, a women's resortwear line, for $60 million. For fiscal 2011, the business is projected to have operating income of more than $11 million. That is a seriously cheap acquisition. No wonder the shares popped 22% the day following the cheap moncler jackets announcement!

Today, Perry Ellis (NASDAQ:PERY) shares are pumped up following news of its own tuckin acquisition. Perry Ellis is picking up women's sportswear specialists Rafaella Apparel Group, which is controlled by private equity shop Cerberus. Perry Ellis is paying $70 million, plus issuing warrants to purchase a little over 100,000 shares of stock. Rafaella sports trailing EBITDA of $12.4 million, so this looks like moncler jackets outlet another attractive acquisition. Perry Ellis shares are popping today, to the tune of 10%.


So what is it with these apparel acquirers? How are they getting such good deals? Well, for one, both acquisitions are of private companies. Whenever there's a mismatch between public and private company valuations, there's an opportunity for arbitrage..

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The Many Benefits of Buying and Using Organic Cotton Balls Organic cotton balls, on the other hand, are pesticide free. And moncler outlet online because they're disinfected with hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine, there are no dioxin leftovers in the fibers. Choosing organic serves to eliminate a number of harsh and unhealthy chemicals from your home and create a more ecofriendly living environment.

Most people don't realize moncler outlet sale that standard, nonorganic, industrial cotton farms are responsible for using onefourth, a full 25 percent, of pesticides worldwide. Not only are pesticides harmful to the atmosphere, but they're harmful to our bodies as well. Buying organic helps to ensure your family is not exposed to these harmful, sometimes deadly, pesticides or other chemicalsnor is the earth.

Viscose, commonly known as rayon, is another ingredient often found in standard, nonorganic cotton balls. One of the side effects of viscose production is the creation of carbon disulfide which is extremely harmful to the environment and air quality. In fact, some viscose producing plants are being forced to close because of the pollutants they release into the atmosphere. Using regular cotton balls brings those same harmful chemicals into your moncler outlet home and in touch with your family's skin.


Now that you understand the benefits of organic cotton balls, keep these tips in mind when it's time to buy them. Search for those that are 100 percent certified organic. This ensures that your family won't be exposed to unnecessary chemicals used on standard cotton. And as you would with anything else, shop around for the best price.